Meet the Doctor Who Thinks He Can Live to 150


This piece appeared on VICE in April 2015.

On the face OF IT, radical life extension seems a bit presumptuous. Hubristic, even. Longevity researchers are very keen on the notion that death can be “disrupted”, but death has been doing its thing with grim efficiency ever since we crawled out of the swamp.

This hasn’t stopped billionaires like Larry Ellison and Peter Thiel from pouring serious money into anti-ageing research. Or hedge fund manager Joon Yun from launching a $1 million (£650,000) prize challenging scientists to “hack the code of life” and move the human lifespan past its apparently stubborn outer limits.

One longevity researcher, Dr Alex Zhavoronkov, believes it’s possible to live until 150 years old. He takes 100 different drugs a day and monitors his own blood biochemistry in a bid to make it past the longest record lifespan of 122.

He’s the director of the UK-based Biogerontology Research Foundation, has his own drug company, Insilico Medicine, and is the author of The Ageless Generation, so it’s safe to say he’s an authority on the matter.

I spoke to him about his drug regime, God, and which video games are worth playing in the extra decades of a longer life.

Read more at VICE.

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